A Few Words About Us

At SHO, we are a family owned restaurant that is focused on creating truly authentic Japanese food, while at the same time honoring the Portland food scene. We are focused on locally sourcing all of our high quality ingredients as much as possible to offer unmatched taste and freshness. Please take some time to read about our high quality ingredients, because knowing where your food comes from is the key to our ability to offer you the best taste possible.

Our Ingredients



Dashi is a class of soup and cooking stock used in Japanese cuisine. Dashi forms the base for miso soup, clear broth, noodle broth, and many kinds of simmering liquid. As our focus on truly Authentic Japanese Cuisine, At SHO, we do not use pre-mixed Dashi or powdered Dashi, we make it the old fashion way from water, konbu (dried kelp), and bonito fish flakes.

Dressings & Sauces

At SHO, we create each and one of our dressings, sauces, broths from scratch, creating small batches from the highest of quality ingredients and never using any pre-made products for any of our dishes.


We source all of our vegetables as local and seasonally as possible. This way to can offer you, the customer, the freshest vegetables possible and for each month we will make monthly specials based on what is in season.

Pacific Seafood

Clackamas, OR

Sockeye Salmon – Primary Source: Oregon Coast & Washington. Sockeyes are highly valued for their bright red meat color and high oil content. Columbia River King Salmon – the fattiest of all salmon and has the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids. It is considered softer and more delicate than other salmons, such as the Atlantic and Coho.


Snake River Farms is a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr.

Our Beef


Snake River Farms proprietary herd is one of the most highly regarded groups of American Wagyu cattle in the world. They have adopted many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding method.

Our Pork


Snake River Farms is one of the only brands offering 100% purebred Berkshire pork. Their hogs are raised with great care on small family farms in the Midwest and Idaho. Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Pork features small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut remarkably sweet, tender and juicy.

Jidori Chicken

Los Angeles, CA

Jidori® means chicken of the earth. Jidori® Chicken are raised free range, humanely, at small farms in California. They’re fed all natural grains, without meat by-products, hormones, or steroids. Jidori chickens are never frozen, resulting in a pinker breast, firmer texture, and fuller chicken flavor.

Yamasa Shoyu

Salem, OR

Through four centuries, YAMASA Corporation has continuously manufactured the finest quality soy sauce available to meet the tastes of their customers both then and now. In June 1992, YAMASA incorporated the USA subsidiary in Salem, Oregon, establishing a U.S. production and distribution facility.

Ota Tofu

Portland, OR

The company has been around since 1911, and operating in Portland’s Central Eastside. The Tofu is not processed in an automated food processing plant, it is processed the old-fashioned hands-on way.

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Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

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